T-systems bar op maat Heering Office Den Haag

T-Systems Utrecht

About the case

For the new headoffice of T-Systems in Utrecht: create an open and transparent working environment that optimally supports the working process. An important point of attention: recognisability by applying the color of the company logo! An ergonomic working environment and the realization of a fantastic meeting place for all employees is a must. T-Systems has changed from a traditional IT service provider to an innovative market player. Innovation is very important at T-Systems and a custom made design for a high-quality innovation center where customers feel at home and want to do business must be part of that.



Concept, design, furnishing and projectmanagement

About the solution

Agile Office Concept

For T-Systems, the Agile Office Concept has been designed where in a smooth and efficient way modular adjustments can be made in this rapidly changing economy. The new working environment has been set up in such a way that workplaces, concentration units, meeting and coffee corners are distributed functionally and task-orientedly around the room. By creating different types of workplaces, employees are able to work wherever and whenever they want.

Innovation center

A beautiful innovation center has been created on the 10th floor where T-Systems has plenty of room to take its customers into the world of high-quality IT solutions.

T-systems presentatie Heering Office Den Haag

T-systems ontwerp Heering Office Den Haag

Drawings of the innovation room and the meeting place for all employees.


maatwerk keuken en barelement Heering Office Den Haag

Visuals of the meeting place for all employees, the workplaces and the reception.

T-systems totaalinrichting Heering Office Den Haag

Balie op maat Heering Office Den Haag

About the result

The result is a functional and efficient working environment where the employees have enough room for working in peace at ergonomic workplaces. There is also room to separate into concentration units and meeting corners. A fantastic meeting place for all employees is centrally located on the same floor. Center point in this room is the custom-made kitchen and bar element that immediately catches the eye. All kinds of facilities have been made for employees to recharge or relax. Custom made furniture has been applied on the 10th floor so the customer can take a seat to absorb all the information. The corporate identity color shows off in all rooms!

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T-systems bar op maat Heering Office Den Haag

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