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Kantoorsupplies - kantoorartikelen Heering Office Eijgendaal's Den Haag

Office supplies

What is an office without office supplies such as paper, toners, cartridges, stationery and household articles? We need these articles on a daily basis and these articles will help you to carry out your job efficiently and effectively.

Order office supplies online? We’ll deliver your order with our own delivery service!

Order your supplies online and we will deliver your supplies with our own delivery service to the floor or room you want, even if it concerns a pallet of paper! Do you need something that is not available at our online webshop? Call us and we will arrange it so you can finish your job.

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Looking for cheap office supplies?

If you are looking for cheap office supplies you have come to the right shop. Do you want to save on your office supplies bills? Let us analyse your consumption so we can contribute in saving money!

Sustainable procurement policy of office supplies

For the sustainable purchasing of office supplies we have a so-called green line of office supplies consisting of more than 2,500 supplies which have been produced environmentally. Click here for more information. By using a ‘green’ procurement policy you will show respect for the environment, human rights and working conditions.

Stamps, nameplates and signage needed?

For custom made stamps, name plates of various plate materials or signage in your building, you can contact Heering Graveren, affiliated to Heering Office.

Online shop

Looking for online office supplies? Ask us for your personal login code and you can order your supplies online in our webshop.

Kantoorsupplies - kantoorartikelen Heering Office Eijgendaal's Den Haag

Looking for office supplies?

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