Presentatiemeubilair Heering Office Den Haag

Presentation systems

Media technology must be available easily, quickly and without problems during office work, conferences, team discussions and project presentations; especially now in the digital age we are living in.

A full range of presentation systems

Heering Office supplies many different kinds of presentation systems for professional, business and educational use. From whiteboards to conference units and combi boards. Also, when you are looking for a projector screen, you have found the right partner with Heering Office. The choice of choosing a projector screen is influenced by factors such as lighting conditions, effectivity of the lighting, installation of the projector and the presentation room. Heering Office’s advisors are very experienced and offer specific advice for each situation.

A full assortment of accessories for your presentation system

The full assortment of accessories that Heering Office offers you helps to maintain and ensure a long life for your media technology. Choose from board cleaners, board wipers, markers or magnetic accessories to complete your investment in media technology.

Presentatiesystemen Heering Office

Presentatiesystemen Heering Office Den Haag

Presentatiemeubilair Heering Office Den Haag

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