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Housing advice

Is your current location still suitable for your business or do you want to move? Not an easy choice because usually you do not have enough information to make a balanced decision...

Moving or renovation your current location?

Together with Studio Heering we can help you answering this question. In fact, we ask questions that will not occur to you. That’s how we think along with you!

Research based on area, property and user

Thorough research based on area, property and user can lead to unexpected and surprising customized solutions. We’ll check the area and infrastructure regarding the property and connect this information with your wishes and requirements.

Create a support base

If you have made a decision about renovating or moving, we will work out the action plan, the budget and the schedule. We will involve you and your team in order to create a support base for the result to be achieved. In addition, we would like to build a long-term relationship and we can also take care of your contract management such as the rental contract or your facility contracts.

huisvestingsadvies Heering Office Den Haag

Looking for new housing?

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