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Senator for sustainable office furniture

Founded in 1977, Senator is the largest producer of office furniture in the UK. The Senator Group has a recycling factory and all items are made of recycled materials or recyclable for 99-100%. Senator also supplies all required certificates such as ISO, FSC, SGS and FISP. We are proud to be dealer of this brand in the Netherlands. Be inspired by a small impression of our products from Senator.

Senator office chairs

Senator’s office chairs meet the European standards set for office chairs. The range of standard colors and fabrics is varied, so there is always something fitting perfectly in your office. Senator supplies sustainable seats corresponding the organisation’s environmental objective. More office chairs

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Senator desks

Senator desks can be ordered in a wide range of sizes and therefore fitting well in any office environment. Choose a rectangular tabletop for a sleek look or an oval tabletop if you are looking for a less sleek office design. The 4-leg frames are simple, functional and give a lot of space to realize your work. More desks

Senator reception furniture

We deliver the complete range of reception furniture from Senator. Senator offers many products giving a nice addition to your reception area or entrance, such as lounge sofas, stools and waiting seats. More reception furniture

Senator management furniture

Senator canteen furniture

The multifunctional tables from Senator are elegant in design, thought out in construction and produced of quality materials. The combination of functionality and a stylish appearance makes the Senator tables suitable for many different applications. Put together your own coffee table, side table or conference table! More canteen furniture

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