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Homework furniture buying or leasing?

Working at home due to the Corona virus?

Does your kitchen table or dining chair no longer meet your expectations when you are working at home? What you need is a pleasant and ergonomic homeworking space and you will find it here!

Buying an hight adjustable desk or an ergonomic office chair? The employer also has the possibility to lease workspaces at home for employees. Ask for our terms and conditions.


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Leasing or buying a nice homework space?

Do you need your working space in a short period? We offer you a fast service for working at home in a safe and ergonomic way so we deliver your (height adjustable) desk at short time. Are you an employer? You have the possibility to lease working spaces for your employees. Ask for our terms and conditions. More about desks

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Working in an ergonomic office chair?

Are you working at home in your dining chair? Upgrade your homeworking space! Are you used to a comfortable ergonomic office chair at your office? In that case it’s quite unpleasant sitting at your dining table at home. We offer you a fast service for the delivery of comfortable ergonomic chairs. Please come over and visit our showroom so you can see and try our varied range of office chairs. More about our office chairs

Varied range of chairs and desks for homeworkers

We have all kinds of chairs and desks to enable you to do your work at home in an ergonomic way just as you are used to do at your office. The chairs and desks are available in all kinds of types and sizes and the upholstery of the chairs is deliverable in all kinds of colours. Also the frames and arm pads are available in different colours and finishings.

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Need some appliances for working at home?

Also for appliances like a standard for your laptop, an ergonomic keyboard or an ergonomic mouse you can call us. Heering Office for everything you need for an ergonomic way of life!  More information about ergonomic products

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A homework space matching with the inside of your house?

Also your homework space can look nicely and match with the inside of your house. Ask for the possibilities and our extended range of homy work places.

thuiswerkplek Heering Office Den Haag

thuiswerkplek Heering Office Den Haag

thuiswerkplek Heering Office Den Haag

Do you want to buy or lease a home working space?

Ask our advice!