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Acoustic furniture

Improve acoustics in your open spaces at the office? An acoustic ceiling, floor covering and acoustic furniture can make the difference. With our acoustic solutions you will not be heared by your colleagues and they will not hear you!

The acoustic working environment

The current way of working is focused on the most efficient use of the working environment. Workplaces, brainstorming places, concentration units, meeting-and-coffee corners are distributed functional and task-oriented over the room. Downside of open spaces is the quality of the acoustics because it is strongly deteriorating!

Products improving acoustics

In an open working environment all activities are interwoven in such a way a dynamic collaboration has been created. By creating different types of workplaces, employees are able to work where ever and whenever they want. We can show many options and products below that combine several functions in an open space and also improve acoustics in the room.

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BuzziSpace kantoormeubilair Den Haag buzzi light Heering Office

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