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Heering Office supplies the Sedus products

Sedus stands for innovative office furniture that optimally supports working at and around your desk. From desk systems to office chairs which ensure an active sitting position, it’s all possible with the Sedus range of products.

Sedus = sustainable

According to Sedus, sustainability means protecting the environment for the current generation and for future generations so everyone can live in an ecologically, socially and economically undamaged world. Being sustainable means investing in your employees. Anyone whit a sitting working job must at least sit as healthy as possible, because only then people can perform. This is the starting point for the ergonomic seating furniture from Sedus.

At Sedus, a large part of the profit will be used for two non-profit foundations that support sustainable social and environmental projects at home and abroad. Heering Office is proud to contribute to these projects.

Sedus desks

Sedus desks promote creativity and enrich the workplace through the interaction that is created. A large variety of tabletops is available with Sedus desks and also frame variants and colors, so the style of your office will be matching with the office furniture. More Sedus desks

Sedus office chairs

The seating furniture of Sedus has two advantages; it is a technical work instrument and at the same time a design object. The dynamic Sedus office chairs are fully adjustable, so the ergonomic aspects for a pleasant workplace are fully guaranteed. More Sedus chairs

Sedus storage furniture

For setting up your working environment, Sedus has beautiful storage furniture consisting of various bookcases, storage cabinets and containers. With this storage furniture you will fully use the available space in the office. The Sedus storage furniture can be arranged in such a way that it meets your requirements and also looks good in the office. More Sedus storage furniture

Sedus canteen furniture

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly important to work in a pleasant, homely working environment. This is possible with the Sedus collection of meeting furniture. This collection consists of various products, such as reception desks, sofas, chairs, armchairs and (standing) tables that make the reception of your guests or the employees’ lunch period a pleasant experience. The Sedus partition walls create some privacy in an open office environment. More Sedus canteen furniture

Sedus conference and meeting furniture

The Sedus conference and meeting chairs vary from a four-legged wheel to a representative leather chair with a sleek finish. The seats are designed completely ergonomically, so that you are able to move during long meetings. The unique seating comfort of the conference and meeting chairs from Sedus guarantees an optimal working posture. More Sedus meeting furniture

Sedus management furniture

A conversation with an important client, a meeting or a conference call in style, the management furniture of Sedus always guarantees smooth meetings. Choose a nice desk set with a luxury office chair with or without a meeting setup. More Sedus management furniture

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