MDM Accountants Project Heering Office Den Haag

MDM Accountants The Hague

About the case

MDM Accountants asked us to think about their movement to a monumental office building in The Hague built in the 18th century. The building has been fully restored with great care, while preserving all monumental parts. Specific wish of MDM Accountants was the harmonious match of the new modern furniture with the historical environment. In other words: the modern office furniture has to result in a beautiful match with the monumental atmosphere the building exudes.

MDM Accountants

The Hague

Furnishing and movement

MDM Accountants project Heering Office Den Haag

MDM Accountants project Heering Office Den Haag

About the result

The building of MDM Accountants is a national monument built in the 18th century and covers a basement, three floors and an attic. A few meeting rooms have been set up on the ground floor and the kitchen with lunch room is situated in the basement. The attic is equipped for meetings and gatherings. The three floors of the building are furnished as offices. In order to emphasize the beautiful historic surroundings, sleek white office furniture has been chosen. The electric and swing adjustable desks promote a healthy and varied working posture.

The ergonomic office chairs are good for a healthy working environment of the employees of MDM. To promote ergonomic well-being, all desks are equipped with adjustable monitor arms. The desks are centrally arranged in the room and are separated by acoustic partitioning walls. White cabinets are positioned along the beautifully painted walls and cables under the desks are cleared in cable channels which can be locked at the top.

According to MDM Accountants on its website: “It has become a special and pleasant work ing location.”

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MDM Accountants Project Heering Office Den Haag

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