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Ergonomic desk

What is an ergonomic desk?

A desk that can be adjusted to your wish is important for an ergonomic working position. The static position of the body is the cause of many lower back, neck and arm complaints. The workplace must be arranged dynamically, so that people can easily switch between working positions.

Height-adjustable desks for dynamic working

Adjustable desks can often be adjusted with a screw or other type of lock. Adjustable desks are very suitable for a fixed workplace. However, for flexible working you want to adjust your desk quickly to the necessary height. A crank adjustable desk or an electrically adjustable desk is the answer. To stimulate blood circulation, it is wise to alternate sitting and standing behind your desk. A height-adjustable desk can easily be adjusted from sitting height to standing height. Of course, you will also need your ergonomic desk chair!

Come in and try out our ergonomic desks

In our ergo corner you can try the height adjustable desks. Come in and let us inform you about ergonomic working at our ergonomic desks. You can also use the ‘call me’ button and we will call you for an appointment.

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