Woonbron project Heering Office Den Haag

Woonbron Rotterdam

About the case

Our client, a large housing corporation in Rotterdam, asked us to design various workplaces and a representative meeting and presentation room. A relaxation room with acoustic seats was also a wish. For the wardrobe we had to design a custom-made piece of furniture. The color green and the use of plants are the desired finishing touch for this project.



Ontwerp en totaalinrichting

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About the result

The desired result has been achieved. Beautiful, representative desks, meeting and presentation rooms have been created where a nice round table with a beautifully polished frame catches the eye. There is a relaxation area with acoustic seats and footstools where employees can socialize and have lunch. The wardrobes are completely and functionally custom-made furnished. Beautiful plants and green wall visuals are the finishing touch of this project.

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Woonbron project Heering Office Den Haag

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