FNV project Heering Office Den Haag

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About the case

Client’s core business is the looking after the interests of construction employees. We have been asked to take this into account when designing the concept. The concept must have an industrial appearance with an ‘urban touch’ so the atmosphere of the street will be reflected. Of course sufficient workplaces and meeting rooms must be part of the concept and also a cozy lunch room is wished for.

FNV Bouw


Design and furnishing

FNV ontwerp tekening Heering Office Den Haag

About the result

The use of industrial materials such as the concrete-look floor simulates the atmosphere of the street. By using colorful furniture and accessories, an ‘urban touch’ is given to the room. The room is furnished with beautiful workplaces and office chairs and completed with acoustic elements, cable management and ergonomic accessories. A custom-made pantry is made and the wall behind it is equipped with a beautiful wall graphic. The lunch room is nicely decorated with colorful sturdy chairs. An acoustic waiting area has been placed in the room where people can relax undisturbed. Acoustic lighting and plants are the finishing touch of this project.

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